Keynote 3 | Setting the pedagogical climate for youngsters

Title of the Keynote Presentation:

Setting the pedagogical climate for youngsters


Prof. Dr. Nicolette Schipper van Veldhoven

Windesheim University of Applied Sciences

Zwolle, the Netherlands 

Outline of the Keynote Presentation:


We all want the best for children in sport, but where not always aware of the fact that we do not act in the best interest of the children! The positive effects of sport (physical, psycho-social) are not just there all in a sudden, we have to create a sports context which fits with the development of the child; it requires a pedagogical sports climate. If this is not the case, then sport participation may yield negative effects (bullying,  sexual (intimidation)). 

Application and Implications

For a trainer this means he has to be conscious of competences necessary to create such a pedagogical climate. The term pedagogy is a derivative of ‘pedagogia’, which means child education. It is about the practice of education during and by sports. In theory we distinguish four relevant pedagogical pillars:   Development-oriented climate (personal and social development, with the focus on autonomy and self-regulation); Caring climate (moral atmosphere, focus on communication and interaction);  Motivational climate (focus the fun-factor in sports) ; Safe social environment (preventing unacceptable behaviour). The practical implications for these 4 pillars will be discussed in this keynote. 


We gain a lot from sports if all children have pedagogically competent trainers.

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