Keynote 5 | Increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviour in children

Title of the Keynote Presentation:

Increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviour in children and young people: what works?


Professor Marie Murphy

Outline of the Keynote Presentation:

Despite clear evidence of the health benefits of physical activity a majority of children and young adults in the developed world fail to meet recommended levels of activity. More recently, the additional risk of prolonged periods of uninterrupted sedentary behaviour for health has also been highlighted. Over the past three decades a wide range of Interventions designed to encourage children to move more and sit less have been implemented and evaluated. These include single and multicomponent interventions which use play, sport, physical education and active transport to increase activity in home, community, sports club and school settings and targeted at individual, social, environmental and policy levels. This presentation will draw upon the research evidence from recent systematic reviews, meta-analysis and randomised controlled trials to consider what works (and what does not work) when trying to change the physical activity and sedentary behaviours of children, adolescents and young adults. In addition the presentation will challenge those designing interventions to consider sustainability and unintended negative consequences of interventions with a view to enhancing future intervention design. 

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