Keynote 1 | Child-Centred Coaching: Fad or Fab?

Title of the Keynote Presentation:

Child-Centred Coaching: Fad or Fab?


Dr Sergio Lara-Bercial

Outline of the Keynote Presentation:

Child-centred coaching has been one of the main buzz-phrases of the last 20 years in sport. It has been repeated so many times that it is hard to know what it means anymore. In this keynote, Sergio will take us back in time to helps us fully understand what being a child-centred coach truly means. He will also take us through what coaches need to know to be able to act in a child-centred way and what kind of pedagogical strategies can help. Through a mix of research-based evidence and examples from his own personal practice as a coach for over two decades, Sergio will facilitate our understanding of this very important concept. Definitely not a fad, but a fab way to create positive experiences for kids in sport.

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Adrian Byrne